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  • Autumn Bbq clean

    So with the last few warm days left for 2016, I think that I would have had my last BBQ for the year. This is now the time to clean the BBQ to be put away for the winter months, so as next year you will not be faced with a mouldy BBQ with carbon encrusted racks. Nothing is worse than the first  warm days of spring or May bank holidays, to lift the lid on the BBQ and thinking I wish I had cleaned it last autumn, we have all done it.

    Why not have your BBB booked in for a professional deep clean, while having your oven and hob cleaned with the run up to Christmas, which is only twelve weeks away.

    Click on " Find your nearest operator" on the main web site to arrange your oven to be cleaned along with the  BBQ.


  • Charcoal barbecues have met their match


    There’s nothing more evocative on a summer’s day than the smell of smoking charcoal wafting over from the barbecue.

    But you might notice a surprising lack of it this bank holiday weekend – for 2014 is the year gas barbecues are set to take over as grill of choice.

    More and more Britons are opting for a gas barbecue instead of its charcoal rival because of its convenience and cost, according to Homebase.

    DIY chain Homebase discovered that householders now prefer the convenience of using bottles of gas rather than having to clean out ashes

    It is bound to spark yet another round of hotly contested debate among barbecue connoisseurs over which is better for flavour.

    Sales figures reveal rocketing demand for gas barbecues over the past three years.

    Last year, charcoal barbecues had a lead of just four percentage points over their gas rivals – but according to current trends, that lead is set to disappear this summer.

    Homebase expects gas barbecues to take command of the market within weeks, and believes the lead will increase in the foreseeable future.

    Customer research found that convenience, improved heat control, and the lack of complaints from neighbours were among the main reasons Britons opt for a gas barbecue. Whether your barbecue is gas or fired by wood or coal,  (Article submitted by Jim Norton, Mail-on-line 31st May 2014)

    Cookerburra  can professionally deep clean your outdoor cooking  equipment and remove the built up carbon deposits on bbq racks and surfaces. Its still only July with August and September to go.  You can contact your local Cookerburra operator by submitting your post code into the web site.


  • The rain is gone... time for a clean BBQ? 27/03/2014

    With the evenings getting lighter and with spring and Easter just around the corner many people are starting to think about the warmer weather and BBQ season.

    We all know there’s nothing quite like a good BBQ but how many of us open the lid of the BBQ on the first warm and sunny day of the year only to discover a nightmare of greasy racks covered in carbonised food and mould because we’d not cleaned it as well as we’d thought the previous year

    Well don’t despair help is at hand, many of Cookerburra’s clients now have their BBQ’s cleaned ready for summer at the same time as their ovens ensuring that they are well prepared to get the most out of the summer.

    **Picture supplied from BBQ Cleaning Guru


    Almost twenty fire fighters attended a fire in a top floor flat; the blaze was reported to be on the 14th Floor. Fire crews used breathing apparatus, an aerial ladder and a brigade multi-role vehicle to fight the fire.

    It was reported that the blaze broke out in the kitchen when a pan was left on the hob when UN attended. Thankfully no one was hurt; however there was considerable smoke damage

    As highlighted in the previous blog, the importance of leaving kitchen appliances unattended whether it be a frying pan or sauce pan on the hob, or a roast in the oven.

    Just as important is ensuring that the oven and grill are regularly cleaned as any build up of grease, fat or carbon is just waiting for a fire to happen. Why not call one our fully trained technician to completely deep clean your oven grill and hob and put your mind at rest.

    Simply type in your post code in to the cookerburra web site to contact your nearest operator.


    With Christmas not far away, I am running part of a press release from the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service who are encouraging people not to let theselves get distracted when cooking with all the festivities over Christmas and the New Year.

    Cooking is still the biggest cause of accidental fires in the home, with half of all these fires starting in the kitchen. Many kitchen fires are caused by people getting distracted and forgetting about their cooking such as taking a phone call or answering the door.

    From April 2012 to March 2013 RBFRS attended 337 accidental dwelling fires, of which 32% ( 121) were cooking related, of these, 56% were caused by people getting distracted and forgetting about their cooking. Their top tips  to help prevent a fire in the kitchen are

    1. Never leave cooking unattended, even for a minute. If you need to leave the kitchen take pans off the heat and turn the oven down.
    2. Don't cook if you have been drinking alcohol or taking medication.
    3. Double check oven is switched off once finnished cooking.
    4. Keep tea towels and clothes away from oven and hob.
    5. Don't leave children alone in kitchen when using the hob. Keep matches and saucepan handles out of their reach.
    6. Keep the oven and grill clean, as a build up of fat can easily catch fire.

    If a fire does start, don't try and tackle it yourself- get out, stay out and dial 999.

    I wish you all a merry christmas, stay safe, should you need help in keeping your oven and grill clean, put your post code in to the Cookerburra web site to contact your local operator......Merry Christmas  from Cookerburra Head Office.